Re: [css-fonts] selecting color or monochrome glyphs for emoji fonts

Crossposting since no preference was indicated by OP.

John Daggett 2014-08-21:
> As emoji fonts gain popularity across platforms, authors are
> starting to run into problems where they end up getting a color
> emoji glyph for a symbol they desire to be monochrome

Having been exposed to auto-colored card suit symbols, 
I agree it makes sense to address this in CSS.

There are some points to consider, though.

 — Are glyphs with inherent color(s) affected by the ‘color’ property?
 — Does this change if the stylesheet says something non-default, 
   e.g. using ‘font-variant-color’?
 — If I remember correctly, some color font formats use bitmap glyphs – 
   should authors also be able to express a preference for vectors?
 — This isn’t (yet) covered by an Open Type feature, as far as I know, 
   but most ‘font-variant’ sub-properties are designed to match such.
   Does a new property fit in with them?

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