Re: [css-fonts] selecting color or monochrome glyphs for emoji fonts

On 21/8/14 08:37, John Daggett wrote:

> I should note here that all the color font formats in use currently
> (Apple/Google/Microsoft/SVG) all add additional tables to a TrueType
> font to contain the color glyph data. So there are typically
> monochrome glyphs for all characters but not necessarily color
> glyphs.

This isn't necessarily true, as both the Apple and Google formats (IIRC) 
provide ONLY color bitmaps; the fonts do not contain monochrome outline 
versions of the glyphs. So in these cases, monochrome glyphs for the 
emoji characters will only be available if there's a different, 
non-color font installed that provides the same character coverage.

For color "emoji" that were unified in Unicode with existing BMP symbol 
ranges, it's probable such an alternate font will be available. For much 
of the U+1Fxxx emoji range, this may be less likely.


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