Re: [css3-text] dropping min/opt/max values for word-spacing

Koji Ishii wrote:

> I thought I did, but you're right, there were a few left overs in
> computed values and in the definition of ''normal''. Done, thank you
> for pointing these out.

The "at-risk" list still includes these.

Section 7.3.1

# Space distributed by justification is in addition to the optimal
# spacing defined by the ‘letter-spacing’ or ‘word-spacing’
# properties. 

Trim "optimal", as it's no longer defined.

Section 8

# Level 3 offers the ability to control the justification behavior of
# ‘word-spacing’.

Trim this sentence, since it's referring to the min/opt/max values.

# In addition the ‘word-spacing’ property can now be specified in
# percentages, making it possible to, for example, double or eliminate
# word spacing. 

Trim "In addition".



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