Re: Selectors: hooks needed by DOM

On 24/09/13 23:21, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> I'm just saying something obvious - we, the CSSWG, don't care *in the
> slightest* where DOM work goes on.  It's irrelevant to our work.

No it is not. And, again, you can't speak for the whole CSS WG.

> You, *personally*, might care.  That's cool, whatever floats your
> boat.  It doesn't matter one bit to our work in the WG, though.

Again no. I care as co-chair and was asked to do so.

And as the AC-Rep of my own company, again no, that's not cool to
see an API published under W3C Patent Policy go elsewhere w/o. I am sure
some other AC-Reps will feel the same. We were not asked to move
Selectors API outside of W3C, we were _notified_.

> I'd appreciate some official note, along with arguments as to why
> referring to DOM is verboten, but referring to equally-unstable W3C
> ED/WD documents is fine.  I'm not particularly confident in W3C
> leadership's ability to make unprejudiced decisions about the WHATWG,
> based on history.

My own take about this: this is not a question for individual
contributors but for AC-Reps. And I'll let plh contribute more
about this.


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