Re: [css3-regions][css3-breaks] Forced region breaks inside a container with break-inside: avoid

On 9/13/13 10:33 PM, "Mihnea-Vlad Ovidenie" <> wrote:

>I have the following situation, in which an element has break-inside:
>avoid-region and one of its children elements has break-after:region.
><div id="container" style="break-inside: avoid-region">
>	<div id="box1"></div>
>	<div id="box2" style="break-after: region"></div>
>	<div id="box3"></div>
>Assume now that the #container element fits completely inside a region,
>which is not the last one in the region chain so that the region breaks
>are not ignored. In this case, how should fragmentation work?
>a) the break-after property defined on the second box is honored and the
>third box, #box3 is laid out in the following region
>b) the break-inside: avoid defined on #container takes precedence and all
>the 3 boxes are displayed in the same region

My reading of [1] is that break forcing controls take precedence over break
avoidance controls, thus leading to the scenario described in (a).

However, I do think some clarifications regarding this scenario are needed,
since they are hinted at in the beginning of section 3 [2].



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