Re: proposal: css compression via aliasing specification

* Barry van Oudtshoorn wrote:
>Is this not what GZIP effectively does in any case? <plug>As someone 
>who's written a CSS minifier 
>(</plug>, I'd be interested to see 
>what sort of reductions this approach would give over just gzipping the 

The DEFLATE format encodes literal sequences of bytes and instructions
to copy bytes, and stores them efficiently ("LZ77"). So something like


may end up as `abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz<go back 26 bytes and copy 26
bytes>`, and the most frequent copy instructions are encoded concisely.

For structured text a fair rule of thumb is that you cannot do better
than half the compressed size of a good DEFLATE encoder, see e.g. the
results on <>. That would mean no
more than the size of a small logo bitmap for typical web pages. We'd
most likely be better off adopting `xz` as `gzip` replacement as that
would also shrink other text resources.
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