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> On Fri, 06 Sep 2013 11:36:23 +0200, Mike Sherov <>
> wrote:
>  At risk of beating a dead horse, allow me to describe two use cases, and
>> how CSS Display Level 3 (and CSSOM and CSS Cascading) attempts to address
>> each one:
>> 1. A javascript library wants to be able to "hide" (set display:none) a
>> "non-hidden" (has a display other than none) element and then "show"
>> (return to the display value before setting it to none) it.  This is the
>> main use case covered by Display Module Level 3. By providing a separate
>> "box" property, a javascript library can set that property to "none" to
>> perform a "hide", and then set that property to "normal" to perform a
>> "show". No loss of information about whether the element was inline or
>> block. Great!
>> 2. A bit more insidiously, a javascript library wants to "show" a div that
>> is already "hidden" through an element selector in the author style sheet:
>> div {display:none;}. Can Display Level 3 address this? The current spec
>> says:
> The author style sheet could use box:none instead of display:none. But
> maybe that doesn't help you if you're writing a library and can't influence
> what the author puts in the style sheet?

That's correct. That's why access to "default value" is valuable: it's not
influenced by authors. It's one of those cases where libraries and the UA
need to be able to circumvent authors shooting unknowingly shooting
themselves in the foot.

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