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>Hello everybody,
>As currently spec'd the `region-fragment` property determines what happens
>to the content that does not fit in the last region in the region chain.
>My question is what the behaviour should be in the edge(ish) case where
>some content does not visually fit in the last region, but it's actually
>part of the overflow of the content (see markup below)
><div id="region" style="flow-from: f; width: 100px; height: 100px;"></div>
><div id="content" style="flow-into: f; width: 100px; height: 100px;">
>    This text here should be long enough to overflow a div 100 by 100
>pixels. If not, there's some more text for good measure; maybe even a
>handful of lorem ipsum filler gray text would help.
>I would instinctively think that the text overflowing `#content` should
>not be truncated by setting `region-fragment: break` on `#region`. Anyone
>has other opinion?

That would be my preference as well, but I think it depends on the answer
we get to the question we've raised on fragmenting visual overflow. If the
overflow would normally be fragmented into the next container (as happens
in print and currently in multicol) then I think the region-fragment
behavior should truncate where the fragment of overflow would normally end.

It makes sense for visual overflow to fragment in discrete, physical
media. I think it makes less sense for overflow to fragment on a
scrollable display. I don't think we should accept the limitations of
print for on-screen fragmentation. If an element in a fragmented flow has
overflow, and is being rendered in a scrolling-capable medium, then I
think the visual overflow should be rendered through the trailing edge of
the fragment container instead of being fragmented.

>Either way we decide, I think this should be explicitly stated in the
>Thanks a lot,
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