RE: [css-fonts] proposal needed for synthesizing oblique fonts in vertical text

> From: John Daggett []
> Koji, the default display of italic Latin text in vertical text runs is identical in both proposals
> (or at least what I *think* you're proposing).  It's the *upright* display of Latin italics that
> will differ.  This is why I said you need to clearly identify the behavior when
> 'text-orientation: upright' is specified.  I think this is the case your referring to above, no?

Thanks for the reply, I know guess it's my English skill problem, appreciate your help to understand correctly.

When you say "right sloping" and "the same way and not vary based on codepoint or due to horizontal or vertical line orientation," does that mean all characters are slanted right-edge-to-down in vertical flow? I couldn't understand "right sloping" is in physical direction or in relative to baseline. If the latter, I understand we're saying the same thing.

In other words, if what you meant by the current text is in vertical flow:
1. Characters rendered sideways rotated should slant its right edge to down in physical direction.
2. Characters rendered upright should slant its right edge to down in physical direction.
Then I agree with you. Sorry for troublesome but I appreciate your confirmation of my understanding.

> Does what you're proposing differ from Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer behavior?

Same, except Word/IE does not support setting ASCII or Laitn upright so we don't know what these apps do in that case.


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