Re: [css-fonts] proposal needed for synthesizing oblique fonts in vertical text

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Monday, May 13, 2013, 3:19:22 PM, you wrote:

>> From: John Daggett []
>> Koji, the default display of italic Latin text in vertical text
>> runs is identical in both proposals (or at least what I *think*
>> you're proposing). It's the *upright* display of Latin italics that
>> will differ. This is why I said you need to clearly identify the
>> behavior when 'text-orientation: upright' is specified. I think
>> this is the case your referring to above, no?

> When you say "right sloping" and "the same way and not vary based on
> codepoint or due to horizontal or vertical line orientation," does
> that mean all characters are slanted right-edge-to-down in vertical
> flow? I couldn't understand "right sloping" is in physical direction
> or in relative to baseline. If the latter, I understand we're saying
> the same thing.

It is in relation to the baseline. Or, to think about this in another
way, it is a skew transform applied to the glyph outlines in the glyph
coordinate system (and thus independent of layout).

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