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Hi TJ!

I guess you are right. I have seen several references to successful
usages of Paged Media (Stack Overflow, among others) but now I don't
recall anyone mentioning usage of Web Browser (at least not for the
more advance usage like page counters). Perhaps I should look into
other solutions, like mentioned WeasyPring


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2013/4/17 Tab Atkins Jr. <>:
> On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 5:41 AM, Łukasz Bachman <> wrote:
>> could anyone point me to working example of CSS Paged Media module
>> usage, which renders page numbers on printed PDF? No matter which
>> browser I use, it seems that this doesn't work at all. Following
>> snippet from your specification won't even go through CSS3 validator:
>> @page :first {
>>   color: green;
>>   @top-left {
>>     content: "foo";
>>     color: blue;
>>   }
>>   @top-right {
>>     content: "bar";
>>   }
>> }
>> Seems like @top-xxx directives are not allowed inside the @page element.
> Browsers have terrible support for the Page module, unfortunately.
> For examples of good support, look to CSS-based printing programs,
> like PrinceXML, AntennaHouse Formatter, and WeazyPrint.
> ~TJ

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