Re: [css-grid] Summary of Changes

On 26/08/13 18:19, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 7:59 AM, Sergio Villar Senin <> wrote:
>> On 19/08/13 23:44, fantasai wrote:
>>> As discussed at the Tokyo F2F, we changed the grid-definition-* properties
>>> to grid-template-*, changed grid-template to grid-template-areas, and
>>> added grid-template as a shorthand using Bert's syntax from Template
>>> Layout.
>>>   grid-definition-rows    -> grid-template-rows
>>>   grid-definition-columns -> grid-template columns
>> We have very recently renamed them in WebKit and Blink from
>> grid-rows/columns. Although is not a big issue those renames involve
>> some tedious work as it means changing a lot of test cases.
>> I understand the specs are being tuned and polished but it'd be nice to
>> know if there are plans for future renames in the short term just to
>> avoid changing them frequently in the source code.
> The names are stabilizing, but there may still be small tweaks as we
> finish the spec this year.  I told Julien about this change (it had
> been decided on back in June), and he decided to go ahead with the
> renames.
> Changing the test cases should just be a cross-file search-and-replace, no?

Yeah it isn't only about test cases, as the code need small tweaks and
so. In any case, as I said no big deal, just that ongoing patches need
to be rebased against new names but nothing difficult at all. I was just
trying to know how safe to is to proceed with a new rename, because if
the names are not set in stone perhaps it's better to focus on the
latest changes and delay the renames until the spec is stabilized.


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