Re: [css-grid] Summary of Changes

On 08/19/2013 02:44 PM, fantasai wrote:
> 3. Grid Auto Flow
> -----------------
> Per WG resolution, we added an optional 'dense' keyword to
> the 'grid-auto-flow' property.
> and as discussed at the Tokyo F2F, made 'rows' the default value,
> dropping the initial 'none' (which piled all the grid items into
> slot 1,1; not really ideal behavior)

Rossen reported that Microsoft may have some compatibility problems
with this change, so we've reverted it for now and just marked an
issue with an explanation of the concerns and a link to some proposals
that might improve the situation.

> 4. grid-auto shorthand
> ----------------------
> Since grid-auto-flow, grid-auto-rows, and grid-auto-columns all
> have the same prefix, we also went ahead and created a 'grid-auto'
> shorthand that sets all three in the same place. This is useful
> particularly for grids that are entirely auto-flowed.
> Hopefully everyone else also thinks this is sensible. :)

We got feedback that 'grid-auto' seems awkward, so this has been
dropped in favor of a 'grid' shorthand that can accept either
   - the 'grid-template' syntax (essentially making it an extended
     duplicate of the 'grid' shorthand from Template Layout)
   - grid-auto-* values (using the syntax previously assigned to

> 5. Absolutely Positioned Items
> ------------------------------
> There's still an open issue on what the static position should
> be for absolutely-positioned children of a grid that are not
> positioned into a grid slot.

Based on discussion on an informal telecon of WG members, we
have now added a definition for the static position of a grid
container's direct children:

Let us know if there are any concerns with any of these changes!

We'll try to publish an updated WD before the upcoming F2F,
both to get out the changes since the previous WD, and also
so that we all have a stable snapshot to refer to for the
F2F discussions / minutes.


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