Re: Request for adjustable font-size: line-fit

On 20.08.2013, at 21:18, Sylvain Galineau <> wrote:

> From:  Richard Fink <>
>>>   On 8/20/2013 8:32 AM, Lea Verou wrote:
>>>     What happens when the line width depends on the font-size,
>>>       such as when width is specified in ems, ch or ex?
>>   I would suppose that, based on the em value initially specified in
>>   the style sheet, the browser would compute a line size corresponding
>>   to that, and so that would become the boundaries of the box, so to
>>   speak.
> The issue Lea is referring to - I think - is that if the element has
> width:30em, the em in that length refers to the font size of the element
> the width property applies to. Thus if said font-size is in turn a
> function of how wide the element is you have a circularity. And in CSS,
> circularity is awkward.

I understood that. At all circumstances a circularity has to be avoided.
Therefore I made some proposals which should solve that easily by 
taking this into the spec. I would love to hear feedback if I'm wrong on that.


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