RE: [css-regions] Reworking getNamedFlows()

> "Stylesheet loads block script execution, so if you have a <script> after
> a <link rel="stylesheet" ...>, the page will not finish parsing - and
> DOMContentLoaded will not fire - until the stylesheet is loaded."

Thanks for sharing, I didn't know that. 

Still, my take is that it's bad practice not to have a sane way to get an element by name without creating a static list of something (which will have to be created then GCed for no good reason). This is similar to the reason why we have querySelectorAll(...)[0] vs querySelector(...), or querySelectorAll("#abc")[0] vs getElementById("abc"), and preferred that to document.all["abc"] (even if document.all is a live list, in fact). 

Also, I maintain that (in the case of a browser that delays style computation until it's required) creating a static list force the browser to perform the computation of the style on the whole page, while asking just for the flow you need could allow him to return you a value from the named flow cache directly.

Finally, I don't like the fact it's possible for a NamedFlow object and its listeners/expando to stay in memory while the developer has no access to it: it's an invisible leak and it's probably not a good idea. We should probably setup an event for when a flow changes of state (and switch to NULL) so that the developer can free memory at that point.


Anyway, to get some sane semantics to getNamedFlows you technically have to return a sequence<NamedFlow>, so I do think we want another method to get a flow by id, but I'm not going to fight for that one. 		 	   		  

Received on Thursday, 1 August 2013 20:38:42 UTC