[mediaqueries] Making the 'color' query static, like CSSOM colorDepth?

It turns out that in practice, pixelDepth/colorDepth is worthless in
the CSSOM, so we've frozen it as just returning a static 24.

The 'color' media query, though, is basically the same thing.
Presumably we should apply the same decision, and freeze it as
returning either 0 or 8 (depending on whether it's monochrome, like
some e-readers, or color).

Same thing with 'monochrome', for that matter - freeze it as 0 or 8.

This won't effect these MQ's use without values - a simple (color) or
(monochrome) MQ will still be true/false as appropriate. This'll just
remove the polite fiction that browsers actually return something
useful with these depth numbers.


Received on Thursday, 1 August 2013 20:36:27 UTC