[css3-regions][css3-break][css3-box] Formatting contexts

Imagine we have a flow consisting of 4 same-height paragraphs.  Those 
paragraphs participate in a block formatting context.  Then with the 
magic of regions, we pick up this flow and pipe it into a chain of 
regions consisting of a "normal" div, a flexbox container and a table, 
all of which have the same fixed height equal to 1.33 paragraphs.

In the first region, the block formatting context settles in nicely, and 
the second paragraph gets fragmented a third of the way through.

In the second region, we're receiving a part of the flow consisting of 
two-thirds of the second paragraph and two-thirds of the third paragraph 
(as fragments).  Yet the second region is a flexbox container.  How are 
these paragraph fragments processed?  Are they treated as flex items, or 
is the flex nature of the container ignored?  In other words, do the 
fragments participate in a flex formatting context instead of a block 
formatting context?

Similarly for the third region: is the table nature of the region 
ignored, or do the remaining paragraph fragments participate in a table 
formatting context (ie get wrapped up in table-* boxes)?

Then imagine that there's also a tall float in that original flow of 
paragraphs, which gets fragmented across all the regions.  What happens 
to the float fragments in the second and third regions?  If flex 
formatting and table formatting occur, I presume the second and third 
float fragments are treated according to the rules of those formatting 
contexts (ie the floated nature is ignored and they're treated like 
normal block box fragments).

Anton Prowse

Received on Thursday, 27 September 2012 07:17:26 UTC