Re: Used Style Computation (and Viewport/Canvas Layout)

|  OK.  It would need to not allow visible overflow, and make certain
|  guarantees about its behavior, but it could be done in general.

Why would 'overflow: visible' be a problem exactly? Is that really a layout
issue, or a drawing issue? Because if it's a drawing issue, I don't expect
that to be an issue because I don't want to modify how the drawing phase
work. When drawing is required, every element will have its layout, just in
the way it's now. I just envision to change who is reponsible of the layout,
and when it's gonna be computed (actually, 'if, and in which order' could be
more exact than 'when').

|  it'd be a huge amount of work, I suspect.

The positive point is that I don't need something ASAP. For now, I just need
to look at my goal and find a path to it. That it will take time to reach my
destination is granted already :-)

However, the scrolling issue is a very interesting use case indeed that's
one of the reasons preventing Facebook from using HTML5 for their iOS app. 

Received on Monday, 24 September 2012 19:05:22 UTC