Re: Discussing possibilities of a 'CSS-ignore' rule.

> A personal attack from jQuery developer (as you are)? Pride shuns
> criticism in the dialectic of creating "problems" with purported
> solutions, side effects be darned. It's what's new and popular that
> matters; nevermind the ideas, eschew the mean old curmudgeon. The
> attitude speaks for itself.

Come on man, we're not in for this kind of discussion over here. Do
you think that the kind of 'purity' you are talking about is known
only to you. If I really were really a dullard that you're assuming me
to be, I wouldn't be making fun of myself over here by talking about
MS word as the html generator. I'm talking about the effect that
happened. It could happened at some other 'pure' setting as well.
My point is that there ARE and there could be such issues, and we need
something to deal with it.
It was obviously not a 'tell me if this is the best way to do it'
query that I'll post on the css mailing list.

I'm not a 'jQuery atheist something' like you, who is out to wage a
war against jQuery, so why would you assume that I'll listen to your
advice. Its nice to be a critic, but you're trying to dictate what I
should be doing and thinking. And anyways, this is no place for
criticism over best practices, attitude and stuff.
If you think my ideas don't look right to you. Please ignore them or
come up with a debatable opinion on the matter. I can really live
without the 'best practices and gotcha' classes over here. The last
thing I would want is to engage in a war of words on a w3c mailing
list. So please ignore.

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