Re: Discussing possibilities of a 'CSS-ignore' rule.

On Sun, Sep 23, 2012 at 9:17 AM, Ketan Singh <> wrote:
> Well I don't know the exact manner in which CSS is implemented by the
> browsers. But I find it difficult to conceive how a browser CANNOT
> ignore every other css property that is applied to an element, when
> the 'css-ignore' property is specifically designed to make that
> happen. If it cannot, I find the design of  the whole thing
> inappropriate and unscalable, which shouldn't be the case with
> something of this magnitude.

That's not what you're asking for.  You're asking for the ability to
say that one set of stylesheets applies to your element and its
descendants, while another set doesn't.  That's not something you can
handle with a CSS property - it's a layering violation.

Your problem is somewhat solved now, and will be solved better in the
near future by a technology under active development.  You can stop
thinking about this.


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