Re: [css3-transitions] Frame Rate

(12/09/15 2:31), Fran├žois REMY wrote:
> I think Sylvain got it: it's to simulate low end hardware on high end
> hardware (ie: making sure the anim is acceptable and the jigger isn't
> too awful).

Besides this (which sounds like a feature of a development tool like
Syvain says), I can *guess* two possible use cases:

1. CSS animation is sometimes very annoying because it keeps the CPU
running high (and hence very annoying fan noise). It's not clear if it's
a QoI issue or something that limiting the frame rate would be useful.

2. 'transition-duration' isn't followed exactly because the frame rate
is too high?

I am not sure whether these are making sense, so of course it'd be
better if Martjin answers this question. Also, I recall hearing that 1.
would fail to be useful in the real world but I am not so sure.

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