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(12/09/20 0:23), fantasai wrote:
> On 09/19/2012 01:14 AM, Sebastian Zartner wrote:
>> The CSS Text Decoration draft
>> <>[1] currently doesn't
>> specify if the decoration should
>> be shown in front of the text or behind it.
>> Therefore I suggest adding a new property called text-decoration-order:
>> text-decoration-order: in-front | behind;
> The painting order of text decorations is specified in CSS2.1 Appendix E:
> underlines and overlines are under the text, line-through is over it.

But it's not clear whether that's always a good idea. For example, for
use cases like drawing waved and dotted underline for misspelled words,
it seems to make more sense to draw underlines above text. See also some
pictures[1] of text-processing softwares about this (in summary,
TextEdit and Word 2010 draws underlines, while Open Office doesn't).

Suppose that we can't change CSS 2.1, GrayZhang (Cced) and I suggest we
make UA draw underlines above text when 'text-decoration-style' isn't
'solid', but I am also curious how strong the use cases of something
like 'text-decoration-order' is.

(It's worth figuring out at which position Word 2010 and TextEdit draw
underlines too.)

> I should probably add a reference to that, though. :)

That's probably a good idea.


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