[CSS][css3-transforms] Updated WD of CSS3 Transforms


The CSS WG has published an updated Working Draft of CSS3 Transforms:


A module to apply transformations in 2D and 3D space to arbitrary HTML and SVG content.

Changes since last Working Draft:
  * Specified 2D subset for UAs without 3D support.
  * Added behavior description on 'non-scaling-stroke' as discussed during Hamburg F2F.
  * Corrected definition of CSS3 Transforms in combination with SVG Animation.
  * Clarification and corrections on the definition of 3D Transform Rendering.
  * Added section about processing of perspective-transformed boxes.
  * Changes on transform-origin to reflect browser behavior as well as clarifications for SVG content.
  * Clarifications on Transform Functions.
  * Clarifications and changes to the interpolation behavior of transforms and changes to reflect behavior on browsers.
  * Added section about function primitives and derivatives to specify interpolation behavior across transform functions with different names or count of arguments.
  * Interpolation of matrixes with Quaternions with updated pseudo code.
  * General updates like typos, new images, more examples.

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