Re: [css-regions] Handling 0 height regions

On 9/7/12 1:09 AM, "Andrei Bucur" <> wrote:

>I'd like to clear-up how 0 height regions should be handled. The spec
>currently does not take into account this edge case.
>The main issue is wether they should generate break point considering they
>can't receive any content. For example:
>#region1 { height: 0px; flow-from: flow;}
>#region2 { height: 100px; flow-from: flow;}
>P { margin: 10px; flow-into: flow; }
>What's the correct behaviour in this case? If region1 generates a break,
>then the paragraph will not have a visual margin in region2 because the
>margin collapse started in region1. If region1 is ignored, the block
>starts in region2 and the margin will be present.

I think I'd like to say that 0-height regions in a region chain are
ignored while laying out content. But what about a region that is non-zero
height, but still too small to fit any fragment of the named flow? I think
if you change #region1 above to 'height: 2px;' it still should have no
effect on how margins are displayed in #region2 (assuming default-sized
line boxes).



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