Re: [css3-fonts] FontLoader v2

Tab Atkins wrote:

> > While having "loading" and "doneloading" events makes complete
> > sense to me, I'm not as clear about what the use case for per-font
> > load events is.  I guess if you're displaying UI for a whole set
> > of fonts in a font menu you could incrementally expose them as the
> > fonts load. Are there other use cases you had in mind?
> According to my coworkers working on various Google products, if the
> API doesn't have individual font load events, it's practically
> useless to them and they'll continue with their existing practice of
> just making an off-screen span with the desired font and spinning a
> timeout until its metrics change.  The "loading" and "loadingdone"
> events are ones that they consider less useful.  ^_^

Sorry to be a nag but can you describe (or have your coworkers post
about) why per-font load events are important?  Could you describe the
use case in a little more detail?  What are the operations which are
done per-font rather than simply after all fonts are ready?



Received on Tuesday, 11 September 2012 01:35:13 UTC