Re: [css-variables] Custom properties using the 'var' prefix? (Issue 1, !important)

|  Of course polls can't be used as decision-making tools when they don't
|  reach a representative amount of people. And to reach a representative
|  amount of people you'll have to share the link via different (neutral)
|  sources and let it run for some time.

No matter how much people you can reach, if the global shape of the surveyed 
group, the bias of the method you are using to reach this group and the 
reasons of respondents engagement in the poll can't be determined correctly, 
this is completely vain.

I remember clearly having seen at high school the Literary Digest vs George 
Gallup case. "In 1936, his new organization achieved national recognition by 
correctly predicting, from the replies of only 50,000 respondents, that 
Franklin Roosevelt would defeat Alf Landon in the U.S. Presidential 
election. This was in direct contradiction to the widely respected Literary 
Digest magazine whose poll based on over 2,000,000 returned questionnaires 
predicted that Landon would be the winner." [1]

I'm a strong believer in user surveying, but I believe we don't have 
adequate tools at this time to make a poll really useful.

|  So the mailing list obviously can't be used to reach
|  enough people to make a decision.

I agree with you. There are options to fix this, and I'm going to consider 
them carefully.


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