Re: [css-variables] Custom properties using the 'var' prefix? (Issue 1, !important)

> |  Why don't you go ahead and create a poll?
> |
> Because we already made a poll? To be honest, I don't believe polls can
> solve the problem. Or, at least, polls will not solve the problem alone.
> Creating surveys is very challenging, because it's very difficult to reach a
> representative population of web devs and giving a fair chance to both
> solutions.
> Windows Phones are not very popular among the general population but people
> having a Windows Phone are generally really happy with it, to the point
> Windows Phone is often able to win the people's price in some online
> competitions. To analyse a poll result, you've to go deep in understanding
> which referrer the people followed, how the results evolved over time and
> the reason why people reached the poll page.
> Polls are very good indicators of users interest, but not often good
> decision-making tools.

Unfortunately your poll didn't reach me.
Of course polls can't be used as decision-making tools when they don't
reach a representative amount of people. And to reach a representative
amount of people you'll have to share the link via different (neutral)
sources and let it run for some time.
If polls are not the solution for making a decision on this, what
shall be done instead? Following the discussions about this in the
mailing list there are just a few people arguing for the one or the
other side. So the mailing list obviously can't be used to reach
enough people to make a decision.


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