Re: [css-variables] Custom properties using the 'var' prefix? (Issue 1, !important)

|  Mind sharing a link to your poll?

I don't know how many people voted but the results are :

    75%     CSS Custom Properties,
    18%     CSS Variables
    7%       Indecise

|  Why don't you go ahead and create a poll?

Because we already made a poll? To be honest, I don't believe polls can 
solve the problem. Or, at least, polls will not solve the problem alone. 
Creating surveys is very challenging, because it's very difficult to reach a 
representative population of web devs and giving a fair chance to both 

Windows Phones are not very popular among the general population but people 
having a Windows Phone are generally really happy with it, to the point 
Windows Phone is often able to win the people's price in some online 
competitions. To analyse a poll result, you've to go deep in understanding 
which referrer the people followed, how the results evolved over time and 
the reason why people reached the poll page.

Polls are very good indicators of users interest, but not often good 
decision-making tools. 

Received on Sunday, 9 September 2012 13:00:44 UTC