Re: [css-variables] Non-inherited custom properties (Issue 5)

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 2:48 AM, François REMY <> wrote:
> There have been many request for non-inherited custom properties. However,
> it’s impossible to specify them in the file in a good way, which makes them
> basicly impossible.
> My proposed solution (don’t necessarily assume Brian and Chris support on
> this) would be a ‘use-declared()’ function that only takes in consideration
> the specified value of the referenced property if it was explicitely defined
> on the element (so, not if its initial state or inherited value are in use).

I'm interested in solving this, either at the point of reference (as
you suggest) or at the point of definition (in the custom property).

However, I'm not sure it *needs* to be solved.  Do you have some
examples of things that are problematic if variables always inherit?


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