RE: [css-device-adapt] Units

I think it would make sense to disallow these within the @viewport rule.


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While we are at it, I’ve discovered an issue with CSS-Device-Adapt : there’s nothing preventing you to specify the @viewport { width } declaration in viewport units (vh,vw,vmin,vmax).

However, those units are ill-defined in the @viewport rule since the width isn’t properly computed at this time.

@viewport { width: 2vw; }

In the only browser supporting both @viewport and Viewport Units (IE10), the declaration is causing weird rounding issues for viewport units later in the document so this clearly has border-effects proving it’s not completely ignored (even if the browser didn’t enter in a loop incrementing the viewport width at each relayout operation).

To make things simpler, I propose to invalidate the use of Viewport Units in the Viewport AtRule.

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On Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:55:22 +0200, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen
<<>> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 2:41 PM, Kenneth Rohde Christiansen
> <<>> wrote:
>> The iPhone >= 4, has a device dpi of 320, but a CSS DPI of 192, so
>> shouldn't that be made a bit more clear here. Also at zoom 1.0 the
>> iPhone has a width of 160px (CSS unit) due to resolution being 2dppx,
>> so at scale 0.25, it can fit a document of width 640px and not 1280px.
> I need more coffee, I see. It is exactly 320px wide (640 device
> pixels). Still it makes sense clarifying that it is a 320px wide
> screen in CSS units. Because when you talk about a device you usually
> talk about device units.

I've tweaked the text a bit now.

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