Re: [css-variables] Resolving fallback-enabled cyclical property references

On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 11:36 PM, Tom Potts <> wrote:
> Very interesting, Fran├žois. I've been thinking about something similar, but
> I wasn't able to come up with a working algorithm. Am I right in thinking
> that this only solves problems where backup values are defined? Or are you
> suggesting that
>    el {
>       my-property-a: no-b;
>       my-property-a: get(my-property-b);
>       my-property-b: get(my-property-a);
>    }
> would also resolve to "no-b" for both properties?

No, the first property gets dropped there as soon as you see the
second, so you're guaranteed to see a cyclic reference there.


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