Re: [css-variables] Resolving fallback-enabled cyclical property references

|  Very interesting, François. I've been thinking about something similar, 
but I wasn't
|  able to come up with a working algorithm. Am I right in thinking that 
this only solves
|  problems where backup values are defined?
|  Or are you suggesting that
|     el {
|        my-property-a: no-b;
|        my-property-a: get(my-property-b);
|        my-property-b: get(my-property-a);
|     }
|  would also resolve to "no-b" for both properties?

Just to confirm what Tab said, this can't possibly work under current CSS 
way of handling style resolution (because the cascade phase don't keep 
references to overriden declarations, and most browsers don't keep 
always-overidden declarations like the first 'my-property-a' declaration).

It would not be completely impossible to solve this in CSS by introducing a 
new top-level keyword ('cascade') but this is out of scope of this proposal. 

Received on Wednesday, 24 October 2012 07:31:39 UTC