Re: [css3-multicol] unknown available width and shrink-to-fit

Also sprach Simon Sapin:

 > > This would make the pseudo-algorithm simpler. Simpler is generally
 > > better. But if we just move complexity to somewhere else (in time or
 > > space), we may noe gain much. If we remove lines 03-10 and replace
 > > 'available-width' with 'used-width', the input to the pseudo-algorithm
 > > would change: 'used-width' would have to be known. What should the
 > > spec say about finding it -- just point to shrink-to-fit in 2.1?
 > I think that CSS 2.1 does a pretty good job at separating how a box 
 > behave "on the inside" and "on the outside".

So, what is your suggested wording for 'used-width' to go here:

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