[css3-flexbox] Editorial: a few straggling instances of "flexbox"

When I was telling Yisi (Cced) that the term "flexbox" is *dead* and it
is now called "flex container" so whenever you see a "flexbox" in the
spec, it is a typo. And then he quickly found those.

5.3. Flex Direction and Wrap: the ‘flex-flow’ shorthand

"In vertical Japanese, for example, a ‘row’ flexbox lays out its
contents from top to bottom, as seen in this example:"

s/flexbox/flex container/

Example 7

has a flex container with id="flexbox".

8. Alignment

"While the alignment properties are defined in the Box Alignment spec,
Flexbox reproduces the definitions of the relevant ones here so as to
not create a normative dependency that may slow down advancement of the

s/Flexbox/Flexible Box Layout/

Example 10

"If this column flexbox was placed against the left edge of the page,
the margin behavior would be more desirable, as the long item would be
fully readable."

s/flexbox/flex container/

8.4. Packing Flex Lines: the ‘align-content’ property

"Note, this property has no effect when the flexbox has only a single line."

s/flexbox/flex container/

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