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On 09/10/2012 04:24, Perry Smith wrote:
> I've recently bumped into the concept of alternative style sheets.
> e.g. @import can have a name or an HTML link tag can have a title.
> Firefox provides a way to pick between them.  I don't see a method
> with Chrome or Safari.

It's possible to install "Style Chooser" extension (now at version 1.2)

in Chrome 22.0.1229.94. It will display/provide an icon in the address bar
if and only if a webpage has alternate stylesheet(s). Once clicked, a
drop-down list of alternate stylesheets appear with each of those
I just tested the whole thing and it went nice with this page:

When you try this page, you should not use the links in the page.

Also, you did not mention Opera: Opera, just like Firefox, lists alternate
stylesheet with View/Style (in menu bar).

> The one thing I thought
> perhaps FF would do is remember the style I picked if I went back to
> a page but it does not.

Usually, web authors are able to overcome this absence by cookie management.

and then search for the text
"(Uses cookies to store your choice)"

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