Re: [css-regions] Handling circular dependencies between flows

On 10/10/12 10:54 PM, "Anton Prowse" <> wrote:

>Pedantic editorial comment rather than anything useful about the
>proposal, I'm afraid, but here goes:
>On 10/10/2012 23:36, Alan Stearns wrote:
>> Following the advice on this morning's call, I am stealing
>> some text from css4-images [1] and will replace the current sentence
>> with a section that reads:
>> ---
>> Named flows containing elements with the flow-from property set can
>> produce nonsensical circular relationships, [...]
>Please can we avoid "element which has the X property set".  All
>properties are set on all elements.  The question is what the value is
>(and at what stage in the value determination

Thanks, Anton.

I will change all of the 'flow-from property set' phrasing to "the value
of flow-from computes to an <ident>"


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