Re: [css3][background] background-size as the background shorthand

On 10/5/12 6:16 AM, Kyung-Tae Kim wrote:
> I don't think it's a Webkit specific issue. It's a common issue.

Your specific concern was about backwards-incompatible change.  _That_
is a WebKit specific issue.

> My 1st example page 
> (
>   was a page to explain the "background-size" attribute to people.

Which was apparently never tested in any non-WebKit browser?  Looks like it.

> But the author uses "background" after using "background-size"
>   because he didn't know "background-size" is a part of background 
> shorthand.

That's odd, since that's how things normally work in CSS.

> He may test his page before the "background-size" comes into the 
> "background shorthand",
> and after the browser updated, he'll think "The browser have a new bug".

Only if the browser ever had a state in which background-size was not
part of the background shorthand  Which is only true for WebKit, right?

> But I don't know how to make all the contents providers modify their sites
>   for our customers who think our browser have a bug.

Apart from not shipping the original bug in the first place, since we
don't have time machines?

One possible option I would be considering in your place if this were
Gecko would be making the shorthand reset background-size but not reset
-moz-background-size, on the premise that the things that are depending
on the buggy behavior are setting the prefixed property.

But again, from a general point of view, what you are asking for is that
every single other browser make a backwards-incompatible change away
from the current spec, and away from the usual CSS behavior, causing
compat problems for them, so that WebKit can avoid some compat problems
due to it having an initial buggy implementation of background-size.  I
understand why that makes sense from _WebKit_'s point of view, but I
don't see how it makes any sense at all from anyone else's.


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