Re: [CSS21] tables, percentages, and border-spacing

On 10/05/2012 07:29 AM, Simon Sapin wrote:
> Le 04/10/2012 19:20, fantasai a écrit :
>> So, we don't really define how border-spacing affects the percentage-sized
>> table cells in a fixed-size table. Apparently it's subtracted out of the
>> available space for both width (and height) in FF and Opera, but only for
>> width in WebKit. Don't know about IE.
>> Probably this should be defined and tested somewhere.:) CSS2.1 doesn't
>> define height calculations for cells, but it does define widths.
> Is this for the "Fixed table layout" or the "Automatic table layout"?
> The test above uses the latter (initial value of the 'table-layout' property)
> which is non-normative in CSS 2.1. Anyone feels like reviving Tables level 3? :)

Interesting question. FF does different things for 'fixed' and 'auto',
though Opera and Chrome seem to do the same thing.


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