Re: [CSS21] shortening inline-height has no apparent effect

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 4:29 PM, Roger Baker <> wrote:
> Hi,
> Expanding the inline height of the inline box in the following example has
> the expected separation (effect due to expansion of its line box):
> But *shortening* the inline height of the inline box does not bring the
> succeeding line box closer (does not appear to shorten its line box), for
> example:
> Can someone help me explain this (or point me to the relevant section of the
> spec)?

(Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong here - inline layout isn't
my specialty.)

I believe that line boxes size themselves to the minimum of the
line-height of their containing block and the height of their
contents.  So, adding a <span> with a large line-height (or just a
large font-size, or a tall image) will grow the line box, but adding
one with an extra-small height does nothing.

The line-box-contain property
<> hasn't made it
into any implementation (in general, the Line Box spec should be
considered experimental right now), but its initial value explains
what goes into the calculation by default - the line-height of the
"root inline box" (created by the containing block), the line-height
of the inlines, and the height of any replaced elements.


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