Re: [css3-animations] time sources, videos and storyboards

On Jul 31, 2012 11:53 AM, "François REMY" <> wrote:
> <for new-comers: this thread is about syncing videos and css animations>
> Indeed, I think the :time() proposal would be something looking like what you included in your mail. However, I don’t think this proposal will go anywhere as it suffers from at least one big issue: you can’t target any element on the page based on a video timing, since that element needs to be “after” the targeted video in the CSS sense of the term for the selector to target it.

Just to keep François' comment about targeting in perspective, that is
true of a lot of things in CSS and it's not unlike things like :hover
and :focus.  You would not be able to target "any" element, but you
could target anything for which you could establish a normal selector
relationship.  Add in future selectors like :has/id-ref and that would
probably address a pretty nice set of use cases.

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