Re: [css3-writing-modes] editorial comments on Appendix D: Intrinsic Dimensions

On 07/16/2012 09:01 AM, Kang-Hao (Kenny) Lu wrote:
> Some nit picking while I am trying to understand these keywords.
>    # min-content
>    #
>    # Called the preferred minimum width in CSS2.1§10.3.5 and the
>    # minimum content width in CSS2.1§5.2.2.
> s/5.2.2/ and ditto for 'max-content'.
>    # For the layout models in CSS2.1, both the min-content extent and
>    # max-content extent of non-replaced elements are defined as the
>    # content extent as defined (for horizontal writing modes) in
>    # CSS2.1§10.6.3 and CSS2.1§17.5.3 for elements with ‘height:
>    # auto’.
> Does this mean using 'width: min-content' and 'width: max-content'
> respectively? Can this be clarified a bit? Also, it would be better if
> this is part of the definition of the keywords
> 'min-content'/'max-content', I think.

"extent" means the logical height, so, yes, it means 'width: min-content'
and 'width: max-content', but only when in vertical writing mode. :)

>    # For replaced elements, the min-content and max-content sizes are
>    # the same and correspond used size of the replaced element according
>    # to the ‘auto’ width and height calculations.
> s/correspond/corresponding to/ ?

No, the grammar is correct here. Maybe s/same/equivalent/ would help though.

> Intrinsic Sizes in Multi-column Layout
>    # The min-content and max-content sizes of a multi-column element are
>    # undefined per [CSS3COL].
> I think this is significantly confusing because you later define
> 'min-content'/'max-content' using the min/max-content measure of the
> element's *contents*. My suggestion, if I understand the intention
> correctly:
>    | The behavior when 'min-content'/'max-content'/'fit-content' is
>    | specified on 'width' or 'height' of a multi-column element is
>    | undefined.
> Or otherwise, what exactly is this paragraph trying to say?

Well, you have to understand that the min-content sizes of an element
are used and need to be defined even when not explicitly specified,
as they're part of the auto layout algorithms for e.g. tables and floats.
So keying off specified 'width' or 'height' values in these definitions
is not useful.

>    # New Values:‘min-content’|‘max-content’|‘fill-available’...
> These should link to the<dt>s below instead of above.

:/ Need to do a massive editorial pass over all the specs, the auto-linkification
of values is really a problem... it's wrong any time there are multiple uses
of the same keyword. Like 'auto'. >__<


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