Re: Proposal: Minor 'text-transform' property revision

I wonder whether I should ask for re-consideration of a past
suggestion around the “text-transform” property [1]:

> If not already suggested: What about to allow at least 'capitalize' in
> combination with 'lowercase'? I think that's a combination which would make sense,
> since one might want to force a specific notation e.g. in headlines:
>     h1 { text-transform: lowercase capitalize; }
> The 'text-transform' [1] value could simply be changed to
>     uppercase | [lowercase || capitalize] | none | inherit
> ...although I'm not sure if this turns into a serious compatibility issue.

That is, this still looks somewhat useful, trivial, and compatible to me. :)


Jens O. Meiert

Received on Monday, 30 July 2012 04:33:50 UTC