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On 2012-07-25 11:44, Sebastian Zartner <> wrote:
> "text-decoration-width" is a good idea in my eyes.

Thanks for supporting this. I would suggest the line should grow from 
the center, ie. a 3px line would get an additional 1px at the top and 
bottom of where the 1px would sit.

> For defining the distance between the text and the line(s) there's currently the property "text-underline-position" [1]. Though because this value is restricted to underlining and doesn't allow a free offset, it might make sense to add a "text-decoration-offset" property to replace "text-underline-position".

I must say "text-underline-position" is quite attractive from the 
typographic points of view. What about the following proposal:

The vertical position of the decoration line is determined by the base 
position, shifted by "text-decoration-offset". The base position of the 
decoration line is determined by "text-decoration-line" [1] and 
"text-decoration-position" [2].

This way, one would be able to set the underline to not cross decendants 
(depending on the font used), and then shift it 2px down (independent of 
the font used).



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