Re: [css-text] Styling of text decoration

> Reviewing the CSS Text Level 3 Working Draft 19 January 2012, I noticed 
> that there is no way to style two properties of underlines, overlines 
> and line-throughs: width and offset.
> For instance, creating a 2px underline on a text shifted 1px off it’s 
> original position is not possible with text-decoration only. To avoid 
> workarounds employing border-bottom-width and padding-bottom, it would 
> be good to have text-decoration-width and text-decoration-offset 
> properties, respectively.

"text-decoration-width" is a good idea in my eyes.
For defining the distance between the text and the line(s) there's currently the property "text-underline-position" [1]. Though because this value is restricted to underlining and doesn't allow a free offset, it might make sense to add a "text-decoration-offset" property to replace "text-underline-position".



Received on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 09:44:59 UTC