Re: [css3-speech][ISSUE-271] “neutral” voice

On 07/23/2012 10:37 PM, Andrew Thompson wrote:
>>Jon Rimmer wrote:
>>> That's what I thought, but when I looked at the Java speech API, I found
>>> that it documents the GENDER_NEUTRAL constant as "Neutral voice that is
>>> neither male or female (for example, artificial voices, robotic
>>> voices)." [1]. Microsoft's .NET API doesn't provide any detail [2].
>>> It'll depend on the implementation of the speech synthesis I suppose,
>>> but it seems possible some may use novelty voices if that's what's
>>> installed and available. > Apple's NSSpeechSynthesizer defines
> "NSVoiceGenderNeuter
>     A neutral voice (or a novelty voice with a humorous or whimsical quality)."
> My experience has been that Neuter or Neutral will usually give a voice that is not obviously of one gender or another,
> either because it sounds robotic or because as noted above it is a voice which is more humorous than practical.

This is starting to sound like the definition for 'font-family: fantasy':
Do something unpredictable that nobody can rely on to match anything, but
everyone can rely on to mismatch these other saner things...


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