Re: [css3-regions] Limitations and missing use-cases for Region CSSOM interface

On 7/10/12 10:06 AM, "Mihai Balan" <> wrote:

>Hi all,
>One of the major changes between the November 2011 WD and the May 2012 WD
>for CSS regions was dropping the additions to the
>Element DOM interface and extracting them to a new, more „abstract”
>Region interface (with some additional functionality) .
>While this makes sense for some of the new CSSOM features (e.g.
>getComputedStyle() for region styling), some use-cases that were possible
>as per the previous WD are not possible anymore with the latest.


The use cases you describe only fail if you consider the Region interface
to be a standalone object. The intent is for the Region interface to be a
supplemental interface [1], implemented by anything that can become a CSS
Region. I've updated the draft to make this clear.




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