[css3-text] Styling of text decoration

Reviewing the CSS Text Level 3 Working Draft 19 January 2012, I noticed 
that there is no way to style two properties of underlines, overlines 
and line-throughs: width and offset.

For instance, creating a 2px underline on a text shifted 1px off it’s 
original position is not possible with text-decoration only. To avoid 
workarounds employing border-bottom-width and padding-bottom, it would 
be good to have text-decoration-width and text-decoration-offset 
properties, respectively.

Apologies if there have been proposals for similar properties in the 
past. If there haven’t been any proposals so far, I’d love to see this 

Lutz Issler

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Received on Thursday, 19 July 2012 13:19:17 UTC