Re: [css3-box] padding: auto

Le 19/07/2012 03:01, Sylvain Galineau a ťcrit :
> Then you also need to define whether/how this feeds into min/max-width/height calculations,
> among other things...

Yes, and donít forget the various layout modes. CSS 2.1 has not only 
inlines and blocks but also inline-blocks, floats, absopos, tables 
(fixed layout or auto layout). Then there is multicol, page-margin 
boxes, flexbox, other CSS 3 layout modules ...

All of these define a different set of interactions between 
width/height, padding, borders and margins. Yes, the general idea of how 
'margin: auto' is always the same but it is defined separately every 
time. Just look at chapter 10 of css21.

The rules for handling percentages are defined for each property but are 
otherwise always the same. But 'auto' values require a special 
treatment, different for each layout mode. Adding 'auto' values will 
increase the complexity in each of them.

Iím not saying 'padding: auto' is impossible and I donít know why the 
::outside pseudo-element was abandoned, but I think that the latter is 
much more realistic.

Simon Sapin

Received on Thursday, 19 July 2012 06:57:05 UTC