RE: [css3-box] padding: auto

 From: Lea Verou [] 
 Sent: Monday, July 16, 2012 4:08 PM
 Basically, what's needed is an `auto` value for padding, that makes it 
 behave as `auto` does for margin. In the latest ED there *is* a new 
 `auto` value allowed for the padding properties [1], but the way it's 
 supposed to work is not explained anywhere.
Auto padding may create a new problem of what happens if there is no extra space and padding is shrinking to zero, which is rarely an acceptable value for padding.

I looked at all your links (good collection btw) and all but one (Perch) have extra padding that wouldn't be there if they just had "padding:auto".

It seems that if "padding:auto" is added, we'll also need 'min-padding'. Which may be reasonable.

Or... if generated content is extended to make it possible to add a wrapper to any element, that would make the same result possible:

	body::around { 
		min-height: 100vh;
	body { 
		margin:10 auto; 
		max-width: 40em; 

I believe this kind of generated content has been discussed, but I can't point to any discussion or proposal.....


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