[css3-flexbox] tables with captions as flex items

We don't define the behavior of table flex items, in particular those with captions,
where the difference between the wrapper box and the table box is significant.


   On a flex item with ''display: table'',
   the table wrapper box becomes the flex item,
   and the 'order' and 'align-self' properties apply to it.
   However, like 'width' and 'height', the 'flex' longhands apply to the table box
   as follows:

   The contents of any caption boxes contribute to the calculation of
   the table wrapper box's min-content and max-content sizes.
   However, the flex item's final size is calculated by
   first laying out the captions,
   and then performing layout as if the distance between
   the table wrapper box's edges and the table box's content edges
   were all part of the table box's border+padding area,
   and the table box were the flex item.

Thoughts? Does that seem to cover it?


Received on Tuesday, 17 July 2012 06:18:08 UTC